words with Ö


A few days later

I just took this picture with my phone, because I liked the perspective, the shape of the book – the dictionary just happened to be on the page with the letter “Ö”. A difficult letter for many, not so for Germans and very very common in the Turkish language.
However, in the last I kept thinking about the title “Words with Ö” and decided, why not turn it into a proper photography project – something to follow over the next weeks, as far as I have time, something to challenge me and – well, at least something I can learn from.

By coincidence I came across this article about personal photography projects – I was challenged and hooked and went for it.

A turkish duck, starting with Ö
No better words with Ö in the East of Turkey.

So – ever after I looked around, to find anything turkish starting with an “Ö“. Not a very easy task – it seems in eastern Turkey Ö’s are not as widespread as elsewhere in Turkey. Again and again I pulled out my dictionary, looking for new words with – but somehow my turkish didn’t get any better.

That’s why I’m stuck with this st***d duck, Ördek in Turkish. Obviously the picture is also no good – but I want to proceed – I give up on the Ö and will start looking for a new letter.

Any suggestions, how to choose the next letter? I have a full turkish alphabet to cover.