Uzbekistan in Summer 2015

25 Dec ’15

In a previous post I’ve already posted some of the images of my bike tour through Central Asia in summer 2015 – but I realised, I have too many images for just one post. So, look there for the images of Kyrgystan – and see below for my collection from Uzbekistan in October 2015. From landscape, dessert and people to the Read on! →

Central Asia in Summer 2015

At first 2 admissions: It wasn’t really summer, but I neither could I leave earlier nor could I convince myself to rename the trip to “Central Asia much too late in 2015“. Central Asia is correct, but implies more. It is true, that I cycled for one month in Kyrgystan and Uzbekistan, two countries of Read on! →

This morning in Bangkok

13 Sep ’13

There is this great friend of mine, who posts images of Hamburg, “die schönste Stadt der Welt”, meine Perle, every other day on Facebook – I thought, one day I should compete, by posting morning pictures from my home.

#OccupyGezi – Leaving Istanbul

8 Jun ’13

Just when leaving, things got really busy in Istanbul – not even to mention, what is going in other parts of Turkey. While Gezi Park in Istanbul is now largely peaceful, dancing and singing, police is still using excessive violence in Ankara and other places.