#OccupyGezi – Leaving Istanbul

8 Jun ’13

Just when leaving, things got really busy in Istanbul – not even to mention, what is going in other parts of Turkey. While Gezi Park in Istanbul is now largely peaceful, dancing and singing, police is still using excessive violence in Ankara and other places.

Farewell from Istanbul

2 Jun ’13

On our last days in Istanbul, we’re packing, trying to meet and say good-bye to as many as possible, we’re caught in the escalation of the Gezi Park Protest on Taksim Square.

A Visitor

22 May ’13

We have a visitor – a few days ago Sigurd arrived here in Istanbul, on motorbike from Germany. Before continuing to the far east, hopefully Bangkok later, he first has to fix the bike.


21 May ’13

Kemal runs the little store, the Bakkal at the corner of our street. He’s been here since 1979.


21 Apr ’12

Trying things with the new theme!