p22 in permament beta


Have I mentioned this before? I have great ambitions for this blog.

Once it shall will cover everything I do and work on.

Therefore you will have to accept that this blog will change continuously, it will remain in a beta phase for very long, I believe.

I decided to #1 try redesigning and creating this thing myself and #2 I decided not to have a second blog somewhere for trying out. You’ll see everything I try – but – hey, that’s part of the fun, right? Continue reading “p22 in permament beta”

Creating a Photoblog 1


After many years of not writing a single word on project22 I decided to gradually turn this blog into a showcase of my own photography. Both for me play around with ways to publish photos as well as for you to have a look at some of the images.

Basic Considerations

There are a few things to consider, e.g. where to store the pictures? Like shall I hold on to my account at flickr.com? Or shall I use my personal installation of the opensource software Zenphoto here at photos.project22.org and integrate it with WordPress using that plugin ZenphotoPress?


After trying many different themes to get a first impression I took a step back to try a different approach. I searched for famous – or at least good – photoblogs using WordPress, to get ideas, to see how things can be done and where to look for inspirations.

I’ll  now spend a little time looking through some of these results before I’ll have any heavy duty adjustments at this blog.

We’ll see, what happens.