This morning in Bangkok

13 Sep ’13

There is this great friend of mine, who posts images of Hamburg, “die schönste Stadt der Welt”, meine Perle, every other day on Facebook – I thought, one day I should compete, by posting morning pictures from my home.

Arrived in Bangkok

9 Jun ’13

A first few pictures – for you to see, where we are now. The first few days here in Bangkok we spend mostly setting up our new lives here, shopping for basics, trying to fix local phone numbers, getting discount cards at the Skytrain and just finding our way around the house and the new Read on! →

First Impressions of Bangkok

27 Feb ’13

At the beginning of our trip we spent a few days in Bangkok. Whereas many people probably say, this city is just crazy, too big, too smelly, too loud – we actually really liked it and plan to go back.