p22 in permament beta


Have I mentioned this before? I have great ambitions for this blog.

Once it shall will cover everything I do and work on.

Therefore you will have to accept that this blog will change continuously, it will remain in a beta phase for very long, I believe.

I decided to #1 try redesigning and creating this thing myself and #2 I decided not to have a second blog somewhere for trying out. You’ll see everything I try – but – hey, that’s part of the fun, right? Continue reading “p22 in permament beta”

words with Ö


A few days later

I just took this picture with my phone, because I liked the perspective, the shape of the book – the dictionary just happened to be on the page with the letter “Ö”. A difficult letter for many, not so for Germans and very very common in the Turkish language.
However, in the last I kept thinking about the title “Words with Ö” and decided, why not turn it into a proper photography project – something to follow over the next weeks, as far as I have time, something to challenge me and – well, at least something I can learn from.

By coincidence I came across this article about personal photography projects – I was challenged and hooked and went for it.

A turkish duck, starting with Ö
No better words with Ö in the East of Turkey.

So – ever after I looked around, to find anything turkish starting with an “Ö“. Not a very easy task – it seems in eastern Turkey Ö’s are not as widespread as elsewhere in Turkey. Again and again I pulled out my dictionary, looking for new words with – but somehow my turkish didn’t get any better.

That’s why I’m stuck with this st***d duck, Ördek in Turkish. Obviously the picture is also no good – but I want to proceed – I give up on the Ö and will start looking for a new letter.

Any suggestions, how to choose the next letter? I have a full turkish alphabet to cover.


Creating a photoblog 2

Repair in progress in Beijing

not easy to decide.

Maybe – if you looked around earlier – you saw the blog in a different design and layout, some widgets were gone, others added, some pages disappeared, lots of test entries.

This is a lot of work – there are hundreds of nice themes to use, to get inspired by, to enjoy looking at. And all of those can be adjusted to your personal desires and requirements.

So here we are, still experimenting – but actually I just want something easy, clean and very enjoyable to watch.

We’ll see.