John Boehmer is doing a number on this coastline

30 Oct ’13

Who said environmental campaigns always have to be 100% political correct? And who has difficulties in finding visuals for Climate Change phenomena? A few weeks ago Action (an action outlet of launched the ClimateNameChange Website, suggesting a new naming system for extreme weather events. Illustrating the connection between Climate Change and extreme weather Read on! →

Oxfam’s Campaign Success Secrets

18 Oct ’13

Oxfam has recently all reasons to celebrate a few victories. Previously Oxfam has come across more as an rather old-school model of an humanitarian charity, but if you follow their activities more closely you’ll see soon, that Oxfam has taken its mission to fight poverty to some very new levels. While many have been aware Read on! →

Print ads for specific audience

11 Jul ’13

How to target your campaign message to a very specific audience? ANAR (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation) is a Spanish group fighting against child abuse and domestic violence. Furthermore they provide a phone hotline for endangered kids and adolescents to call for help.

Nackig gegen Pelz

10 Jul ’13

When I saw the “Parade gegen Pelz“, a rally against fur, organized online by Vier Pfoten, I was immediately amazed by its beauty and wit. Vier Pfoten (Four Paws (?)) is an international NGO working on animal rights and conservation, seeking to change consumer behavior.