Uzbekistan in Summer 2015

In a previous post I’ve already posted some of the images of my bike tour through Central Asia in summer 2015 – but I realised, I have too many images for just one post. So, look there for the images of Kyrgystan – and see below for my collection from Uzbekistan in October 2015.

From landscape, dessert and people to the amazing cities of Bukhara and Samarkand.

The people of Uzbekistan

Once I crossed the border from Kyrgystan into Uzbekistan the landscape changed drastically. In the east of Uzbekistan I crossed the Fergana Valley, which actually is a plateau in the mountains, which you can only assume in the distance.


20151006_CentralAsia_12The valley is densely populated and used in intensive agriculture. Seemingly mostly cotton and water melon production – the latter really quite delicious. Due to the density of agriculture it was often difficult to find good suitable camp sites, but the people were incredibly welcoming and hospitable.

Almost automatically the focus of my bike tour shifted from the beautiful harsh landscape to enjoying the people, their homes, hospitality and the little villages and markets.

Landscape and Traffic

Oh – the landscape, in particular further west was most amazing again, from small villages to dessert-like landscapes – I loved it. Here is a small collection of images from this part of the tour.

The cities

Samarkand and Bukhara – the two former metropoles on the Silk Road

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