Oxfam’s Campaign Success Secrets

Oxfam has recently all reasons to celebrate a few victories.

Previously Oxfam has come across more as an rather old-school model of an 5 OX_VL_B_RGBhumanitarian charity, but if you follow their activities more closely you’ll see soon, that Oxfam has taken its mission to fight poverty to some very new levels.

While many have been aware of 1$-Charity Shops and a second-hand clothes collection scheme, very few have been aware of the level of advocacy work that Oxfam does internationally to fight poverty.

We believe we can end poverty and injustice, as part of a global movement for change.

To tackle poverty, beyond distributing emergency rations in disaster struck regions anywhere in the world, Oxfam has had to learn a few lessons about how to define goals and objectives, how to campaign and how to convince others.

In a “From Poverty to Power” blog post Hannah Stoddart, Oxfam’s Head of Economic Justice Policy, explains some of the secrets of their campaigning success. Recommend to read!

loupeShe especially mentions their more recents success stories from the land grabs campaign against the World Bank and the campaign “Behind the Brands“, aiming at the various – very few – large producers of our daily food.

She lists 5 (+ celebrities) key elements of campaigning she’s learned while managing the Land Grabs Campaign – and illustrates them nicely with examples and links to various moments in the campaigns.

It’s a good and simple read into the work of a large organization, into how they work, make decisions and sometimes struggle to move.

Oxfam works on various issues at once to fight poverty.
Oxfam works on various issues at once to fight poverty.
Pointing finger at Brands – Oxfam created a Scorecard to rank Brands and their performance

Have a look around the web presence of Oxfam, you’ll find a lot of informative articles on various aspects of development work, the fight against poverty and Oxfam’s campaign work in general, for example their short explanation how they fight poverty.

I highly appreciate Oxfam’s openness in regards to their work and the more theoretical considerations about the mechanics of campaigning, often I wished more organizations would play more openly – and thereby support more and other players to advance.


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