John Boehmer is doing a number on this coastline

Climate Name ChangeWho said environmental campaigns always have to be 100% political correct? And who has difficulties in finding visuals for Climate Change phenomena?

A few weeks ago Action (an action outlet of launched the ClimateNameChange Website, suggesting a new naming system for extreme weather events.

Illustrating the connection between Climate Change and extreme weather events, petitions that these events should be named after those politicians that deny Climate Change or even actively obstruct climate policies.

The site features a great video that tells a nice story and has a few great punch lines to explain the idea and the following petition to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), who is in charge of naming those events.

The video has gone viral shortly after the launch with now more than 2 million clicks on YouTube.

Currently the names for extreme weather events are selected through a very complicated procedure from different old lists of names, managed and updated through another complicated procedure by an international committee of the WMO. The actual name chosen from a list depends where the storm arises and which year it is – there are six lists which are used in a rotation system.

On you can join more than 80.000 people currently to petition the WMO to change the naming scheme into something more meaningful.

At the bottom line it seems unlikely that the WMO is ever going to change anything about their naming mechanism (the lists are in place since the early 60ies). Besides, in my opinion the video is very US-centric – other countries do have “Deniers & Obstructionists” in the same way and they also deserve to have disasters named after them.

Nonetheless, the video is great, the campaign beautifully designed and the homepage actually provides plenty of information about the US-American wrong doers, including everyone’s voting records!

My personal favourite is the speaker John Boehmer, who “is really doing a number at this coast line” and destroys a town at minute 1:30.


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